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2015 Bathroom Wrap

2015 Bathroom Wrap

Our previous bathroom feature (in July 2014) saw an aesthetic of slick, uncluttered and clean-lined bathrooms. While many of these trends remain spot on, the idea of a richly layered, ambient and textured bathroom space has been hotting up.


01 Cool Wheels

What could be cooler than using an old bicycle as the support for a basin, with the basket providing storage space for hand towels, soap and hand lotion – just make sure you get the bike refurbished and fitted properly. This bike-cum-basin combo can be ordered through Victorian Bathrooms and comprises a Pashley bicycle, fitted with a 600mm basin from the British bathroom company Arcade Bathrooms.


‘More and more people want to be surrounded by extraordinary designer products in their homes that express their individuality. To satisfy this growing trend, designers and manufacturers seek to create everyday functional items out of unusual and different materials, such as marble and Duralight a ll in a variety of colours and finishes’ – Yaniv Belinky, Tapitalia


02 Shine On

The Accademia range of bath and sanitaryware, by Italian bathroom design company Teuco, is the embodiment of luxury. With the strikingly shaped baths in marble or Duralight and taps plated in a gold finish, a bathroom decked out with these fittings would be hard to leave. What’s more, the items in the range can be customised in terms of colours and patterns, making them bespoke, the ultimate feature of luxury. Available locally through Tapitalia.



03 It’s the Little Things

This bathroom fitted with Villeroy & Boch’s Subway 2.0 sculptural range of taps, mixers and handrails is a great example of how to add a sense of luxury to a smaller bathroom. Sculptural taps have curved and seamless edges that make them ergonomic and beg to be touched. Gold detailing in the wall tiles adds a further element of bling; Kenzan Tiles’ glazed metallic ceramic tiles, Fascia Onda Oro from the Sunshine Range, are a good option if you want to achieve this look.


Liza Watermeyer of Tile Africa says that a big trend to look out for in tiling is Modern Metro: ‘Inspiration is drawn from sophisticated city life, where tiles are minimalist, masculine and monochrome with subtle geometric prints derived from metallic tooling and textile weaves,’ she says.


04 & 05 When Darkness Reigns

The bathrooms at the famed Satyagraha House, Ghandi’s former residence in Johannesburg, feature earthy tones contrasted with bold matt-black quartz basins from Dado Baths as well as worn brass taps and spouts. The sophisticated effect derives from keeping everything to a minimum. For brass and copper taps, Victorian Side Bathrooms has a host of different styles as part of its VicSide range.





06 Q&A: Siobhan Thomas of Flush Bathroom Interiors

Q: What are some of the current trends in bathroom design that are popular locally?

A:Designers are loving coloured as well as black and white taps, which have been quite hard to find. One of the brands we stock, Dornbracht, supplies both white and black taps.


Q: What are some of the most important things to remember when embarking on a bathroom redesign, or construction of a new one?

  • A: On a new build the biggest thing is the technical aspect of the freestanding bath and shower channels. This is because freestanding baths can be a problem if the builder hasn’t been advised in advance and therefore plans the space incorrectly.
  • On a renovation the plumber should be consulted upfront to check that there is balanced water pressure, and it is important that the plumber actually tests for high water pressure, otherwise you could be in for unbudgeted costs – it is not enough just to look and guess.
  • If you decide to renovate the bathroom, then the whole room needs to be done, as it does not work to replace just some elements of a bathroom.
  • The plumber must check the toilet height and the positioning of the waste pipes, which often cannot be adjusted or changed. Everyone wants concealed-system wall-hung pans, but this option is not always simple if their positioning is incorrect.


Q: What about trends in sanitaryware?

A:Black toilets and black taps have become very popular; so too have taps in rose gold or cyprium, such as Dornbracht’s Mem range (06, pictured right, shows the Mem Deck Mounted Basin Spout from Dornbracht in Cyprium). Cyprium looks like copper, and basins and light fittings in this material are also on trend.



07 Bathroom Bolthole

While raising the bath and its surround off the floor creates a sense of drama, the graphic terrazzo tiles, metal shelves displaying a host of beautiful glass and ceramic vases, books and paintings all contribute to this furnished bathroom’s ambience of a relaxing sanctuary where you can retreat from the troubles of the day.



08 Pretty as a Pattern

Patterned tiles are one of the trends we can’t get enough of at the moment. They add a delightful aesthetic to any space in need of a bit of character. In this narrow bathroom, the large pattern on the tiles creates the illusion that the area is larger. Adding further character is the purple-painted base of the ball-and-claw pedestal bath.


Italcotto’s Memory of Cerim range of decorative tiles is at the top of our favourites’ list. The geometric retro patterns in muted, natural tones can be mixed and matched to create an eye-catching feature on any wall or floor.


10 Awash with Drama

The thing about dark bathrooms is that they have loads of ambience while at the same time creating a sense of cocooning and comfort. In this bathroom, moody black tiles used throughout are complemented by the kiaat wood cabinets and a copy of a Renaissance painting that the owner picked up on a trip to China. When it comes to bathrooms, black is definitely back!



‘Digital printing technology allows for incredible detail and variety, which enables tile manufacturers to produce very lifelike tiles with the most beautiful designs or textured looks’ – Lisa Millibacher of Bespoke Bathrooms


09 & 11 That Delfty Feeling

The beauty and elegance of a Delft aesthetic will always be timeless. In the en-suite bathroom on the left (09), a Delft-patterned basin serves as a focal point that contrasts beautifully with the raw wood countertop and shelf. The enchanting bathroom in this picture (11) evokes a Greek island aesthetic. It’s impact derives from its romantic yet minimalist duality, evident in every detail – from the worn wooden floors to the ball-and-claw bath to the ornate chandelier and the whitewashed wall with its recessed alcoves that serve as bathroom shelves. The Delft-blue accents provide the perfect Aegean finishing touch.



Head to @home’s new Sleep Shop at the Bryanston Shopping Centre in Jozi, where you’ll find everything you need to create a luxurious sleep and bath sanctuary. We’re particularly fond of their ombre bath towels in mint green and blue.


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Compiled by: Genevieve Putter Production Luanne Toms/Frank Features, Kerryn Fischer/Frank Features
Photographs: Polly Wreford/Navalis Images, Sean Laurenz/Frank Features, Warren Heath/Frank Features, Elsa Young/Frank Features and supplied.


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