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Author: Andre

How Green is my Valley

Sustainability has been at the heart of Val de Vie Estate in the Cape Winelands since its inception When Val de Vie founder Martin Venter set his sights on replacing a sand quarry with a world-class polo field, sustainability was the crux of his vision. It was 2004, and only a few experts were warning that water might in future become a scarce resource in the Western Cape. Sustain ability is defined on as looking to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life. This underpins the ethos...

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Investment Focus

INTEREST RISING AS CHOPPY WATERS SETTLE Both listed property and the residential rental property sectors are set to attract more investors this year on the back of improved consumer and business confidence The debate over whether it is better to buy property or shares has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, and is likely to continue, because the answer for each individual investor is that it very much depends on their personal perspective, risk appetite and financial circumstances. And in South Africa these are seemingly always subject to swift and dramatic change, thanks to outside...

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Straight Talk – Water on Display

From Cape Town’s drought to Rome’s extravaganza. I have not had a bath in more than two years. If anyone asks about Cape Town’s water restrictions, that’s what I tell them. Given these circumstances, it’s not surprising that any kind of trip outside of the city assumes an additional novelty. On a recent trip to Rome, I was as excited about having a hot soak as I was about visiting the Colosseum. As it turned out, I should have prepared better. My hotel room had only a shower. Still, coming from a drought, one notices things that, at another...

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What’s Hot Now

Things to see, trends to spot and places to be 01 BRIGHT SIDE A new batch of prints by Germany-based South African illustrator Tara Deacon that encapsulate a sense of positivity and nostalgia has arrived at Salon Ninety One in Gardens, Cape Town. The bright block colour, naïve style and relatable subject matter are entirely captivating. 02 TAKE THE FLOOR Always striking just the right note between contemporary and accessible, the homewear collection HAUS at Hertex features new indoor and outdoor rugs that will add the X factor to your floors. The wide range of indoor designs, from...

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Local is Luxury

Now, more than ever, local design is about substance and storytelling. As South Africa grows as a creative force, all the while becoming more integrated into the global design world, we start to see how wider trend influence local design. Moving away from a parochial, ethnic-centric approach, designers in the luxury sphere are producing products that speak to a universal aesthetic, while retaining a strong sense of identity and cultural pride. Trend analyst Li Edelkoort confirms this inward-looking trend and a desire to focus on where we are, and predicts that 2018 will prompt a need to create sanctuaries...

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