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Show me the Money

Recently released wealth reports give insight into the lifestyles and spending habits of affluent South Africans.

A Fine Investment

Where is wine as luxury investment? We asked connoisseur Juliet Cullinan about wine’s status, local brands in particular.

The Sky’s no Limit

For travellers with a taste for luxury and a need for speed, private aviation offers everything from unmatched efficiency to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Art Major

Crucial shifts in why and what art lovers are buying made 2017 a huge year for art investment, and catalysed a renewed appreciation for it as an asset

Art and Soul

With painting as her first love, Galia Gluckman extends her passion from exploring what it means to be human to empowering young creative talent.

Classic cars for every budget

There’s never been a better time to invest in a classic car because, if you buy right, you’re pretty much guaranteed a healthy return on investment.

Show House: Making an Understatement

Penthouse apartments are usually the “showcase” of a building, the pièce de resistance, and often the default is to go all out with glitzy finishes and statement design. Which is why this space by Hendre Bloem Design in Green Point is all the more refreshing for its simplicity.

Where the Jet Set likes to Land

Owning a villa in the countryside, a second home at the coast or even your own island may still be the ultimate symbol of success – but with rapid urbanisation and the demand for inner-city living, property investment hot spots are shifting.

Hot Property June 2018

Inspiring design and architectural trends shaping the future of property here and elsewhere in the world.

Dress Code

The fashion industry by nature is ever evolving, but the trends extend beyond just what trouser length and It-bag are in vogue this season. In this multibillion-dollar global industry, macro movements drive the consumer behaviour we see on a small scale.

Back Chat: Dream Ticket

We chat to interior designer Buzwe Mabuza of Design Dreams International about his feature stand at Design Joburg and the things that make him tick.

A Taste for Adventure

Powdery white sand, waving palms, cerulean seas… There are many reasons to visit Mauritius right now, but for globetrotting gourmands it’s a world-first restaurant pop-up that should put Île Maurice at the top of their travel lists for 2018.

The Future of Home Buying

Due to rapid urbanisation, technological advances, awareness of the need for more sustainable living and the scarcity of property close to economic centres, the suburban dream no longer makes sense.

Show House: Higher Grade

A luxe city apartment on the 19th floor is a perfect perch from which to enjoy everything Cape Town has to offer.

Car News: 4-Paw Flair

Despite an odd mix of elements, the new Jaguar E-PACE compact SUV is an out-and-out success. The...

Hot Property May 2018

Inspiring design and architectural trends shaping the future of property here and elsewhere in the...


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