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Clean living | Green news

Clean living | Green news

Designed and developed by Swisatec, a Cape Town-based firm that originated in Switzerland, its landmark multibillion ‘green village’ is a not only a coup for the city but also for Africa. By applying the principles of open spaces, environmental sustainability and wellbeing, the new construction will combine flexible housing units with the emphasis a new style of family living in South Africa.

Apartments are open-plan and flow seamlessly outdoors to large, well-shaded and wind-protected balconies. The 2.8m-high ceilings and double-glazed 2.4m-high windows allow for light-filled interiors with beautiful views. Expertly insulated to keep out dust and noise, the 75m2 to 180m2 apartments are designed to maximise comfort throughout the changing seasons in the Cape. In addition, A++ rated energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, self-generated solar power and a water management system for the entire development (from shower-water disposal to irrigation) make this an interesting development to watch. Apartments also have a 10-year guarantee on materials used on the building.

The Giovanni Apartment is the first phase, with 64 apartments in total. The car-free concept is a new one for South Africa: it allows one ring road that serves the entire village and leads to underground parking. Inside the core of the development, the area is entirely pedestrian and child-friendly. Future plans for the mixed-use Blue Rock Village include a lifestyle complex with medical centres, boutiques, schools, colleges, nurseries, cafes and restaurants. A hotel, therapeutic spa centre, swimming pool and conference centre will complete the development.


And news just in

Google’s Joburg office, a collaborative effort by Solid Green and Ecocentric Green Building Consultants, has just been awarded a five-star Green Star South Africa Interiors certification from the Green Building Council of South Africa. This comes after receiving the International Green Interior Award 2015. The locally designed office focused on creating an interior that promotes an energising and productive work environment with the use of healthy building materials. Congratulations!


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