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Double take with AG mobile africa

Double take with AG mobile africa

When you step into the head office of AG Mobile Africa in Melrose Arch, you’d be forgiven for wondering if you are in the right place… For a company specialising in cellular technology, AG Mobile Africa’s chic new offices in Melrose Arch are the furthest from technical and corporate you can get. In fact as Anthony Goodman, CEO, and Anthony Diamond, COO, say it is their ‘home away from home’, curated in an infinitely personal way, yet showcasing some of South Africa’s design superstars.


Anthony Goodman’s office features an eye-popping yellow chair by Mezzanine Interiors and a marble coffee table from @home


Anthony Diamond on the Melrose Arch

Our first set of offices was also in Melrose Arch and we took tenancy for convenience, whereas our current location, which we moved into in August, was chosen for its perfect positioning and also for the fact that it is more spacious, thus affording us the opportunity to grow. We neatly pack in about 20 employees – it’s a tight fit, so to speak, but it works for us. We’ve always loved Melrose Arch – it’s become a central hub of business with a world-class gym, a host of different shops and vibrant eateries and restaurants, and it’s also relatively close to our warehouse in Selby.


JB Corner at Melrose Arch is where both Anthonys are usually to be found during lunch hour


Anthony Goodman on the Interior Design

The major structural changes we made were to the three glass cubes against the window facade – one for each of us directors. Each of our offices has been designed according to our individual tastes, which was imperative for creating a home-away-from-home environment. We entrusted the job to a designer and the only brief we gave him was to keep it classic and resistant to becoming dated. This meant we wanted an open and transparent space with lots of light and an emphasis on neutral tones, like grey, charcoal and white.


‘The furniture and fittings are a good combination of chic, state-of-the-art and sophisticated design. There’s a great mix of retro and modern pieces, and a lot of excellent local design’ – Anthony Goodman


Anthony Diamond on the AG Mobile Feel

Our designer encouraged us to buy the pieces that we loved; these, together with the contemporary graphic artworks by Nicky Levenberg, really give the space a slick, modern vibe that makes it feel less like an office and more like a cool, creative space. We wanted to carry through the vision and philosophy of the AG Mobile brand, which is all about reliable communication that transcends African borders. I believe we’ve achieved this with the space – it’s aspirational and positive, and I can see our employees connecting and interacting on a daily basis.


‘This business is ever changing and requires us to be innovative while keeping up with the trends in technology’ – Anthony Diamond


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AG Mobile Africa:   Words: Genevieve Putter Photographs:  Annalize Nel

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