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Food, fabric, fragrances and more

Food, fabric, fragrances and more

Feasts for the eyes, nose and the palate! Here are some of SA’s top destinations for food, fabric, fragrances and more.

A Sensual Foodie Experience

New to the City Bowl dinner scene is Charcoal Dining, where culinary delights and captivating artwork come together in a beautifully curated and ambient space. This sensory experience is the brainchild of co-owners Roy van Litsenborgh, a foodie extraordinaire, and interior designer and stylist Bettina Scheffler. With a menu that changes daily thanks to the pair’s maxim of using only the freshest, ethically sourced produce, the edge of this place is that you can ogle over an artwork while you eat – and add it to the bill, as all the artwork, which changes regularly, is for sale.

Eastern Food with a Modern Twist

The Great Eastern Food Bar at Melville’s Bamboo Centre is another in the suburb’s wave of exciting new eateries. Set above Love Books, with sweeping views over the Melville Koppies and Westcliff Ridge from its balcony, and a very stylish, but understated interior (it even had a little help from Dokter + Misses… those tables). It’s an Asian eatery that brings a fresh, modern touch to dim sum, ramen and lots more.


A vertical garden of sorts falls perfectly in theme with the Great Eastern Food Bar’s fresh menu

Mexican Food for a Festive Palate

Joburg has a great, new Mexican eatery. Perron Mexican Appreciation Society, from the people who brought us The Griffin next door, recently opened up at Illovo Junction on the corner of Corlett Drive and Oxford Road. The food is tasty and sharable, with lots of your favourite Mexican dishes: think tacos, quesadillas and chilli, among many more. And in keeping with the appreciative attitude for all things Mexican, it has around 20 types of tequila on offer. The decor is quirky and bright, the atmosphere is lively, and it’s open until (very) late. Make sure you book if you’d like to share in the appreciation.


Festive colours, pictures of Mary Magdalene, and hanging pot plants add an authentic Mexican feel

Joburg in Photos

Wake Up, This is Joburg is a photo book by Tanya Zack and Mark Lewis, published by Fourth Wall Books, all about, you guessed it, Jozi. The book captures the lives of those who’ve lived there since they were born as well as those who have newly arrived, all of whom have carved out interesting ways of getting by in SA’s biggest metropolis. The common thread is that they’ve all been privy to the same immense changes – economic, physical and social – that have transformed the city.

wake-up-this-is-joburg-photos, photography-johannesburg-south-africa-photo-book

Wake Up, This is Joburg is a 10-book series documenting the lives of ordinary, interesting, odd and outrageous Joburgers

Point Blank

Jozi design studio Blank Ink Design has captured our city-slicker hearts, and appreciation for urban nostalgia, with its limited-edition, hand-drawn prints of Jozi and Cape Town’s iconic buildings. The carefully researched posters – entitled JHB or CPT – feature 24 of each city’s landmark buildings in chronological order, reflecting its architectural development through time. Available to order online as well as from select retailers.


Hauntingly detailed hand-drawn prints of Joburg and Cape Town’s iconic buildings

Fragrances on Rose

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift to delight anyone with a taste for the rare, then a visit to the newly launched Frazer Parfum shop – serendipitously situated in the BoKaap’s Rose Street – is a must. Perfumer Tammy Frazer has been making her handmade, natural fragrances for some time now, but with the launch of her quaint yet contemporary shop, which sits in front of her factory, the extension of her empire is imminent.


Tammy works only with organic materials sourced by herself directly from farmers around the world

I-Spy Gorgeous Fabric

We’re always on the look-out for the bold and the beautiful in interior accessories, so it’s not surprising that two new fabrics from Hertex have caught our eye. The first is the sophisticated Hepburn Ebony (R889,20/m) from the newly released Floral Fantasy fabric range (above); the second is the bright and aptly named Rejoice Jewel (R1 254/m), part of the Jabulani range.


The Floral Fantasy fabric collection is a combination of faded gentry in modern colours and oriental

Furniture of Geometric Proportions

When we saw the new ‘afro geometric’ range of chairs and sofas by Casamento, our hearts came round full circle to a renewed appreciation of afrochic. These exceptionally cool monochromatic pieces (originally designed for the Nando’s head office in Loretzville) reflect a sophisticated African aesthetic. Each chair is unique in its combination of geometric print, hand embroidery, bead- and ribbonwork, and side panels of raw wool.


Casamento also allows customers to create their own unique piece with one of their in-house shapes. Shape pictured is Starry

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Genevieve Putter & Graham Wood
Photographs: Lar Leslie, Sarah de Pina, Riana Vogel, Mark Lewis and supplied

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