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Getting down to business

Getting down to business

The inaugural ‘business of design’ seminars took place in both Cape Town and Jozi in October, and what a success it was. Here are some key sound bites from the speakers at the Cape Town leg of the seminar, whose words of wisdom were invaluable to all who attended.


‘The dreaded word for everybody is administration’ – Trevyn McGowan, cofounder of source, Southern Guild, Guild and Business of Design



‘What we didn’t learn in design school was how to run a business’ – John Vogel of Vogel Designs



‘Sell yourself 10% more than you have already’ – Tammy Frazer of Frazer Parfum



‘The people who work for you are some of the most precious assets that you have’ – Bev Missing of Rain Body and Bath Products



‘It’s very easy for people to follow a trend, but you have to have a core that’s unique and express that uniqueness’Porky Hefer, Designer



‘Good designers apply design to their business strategies’ – James Wilkinson, Strategist and Operations Specialist at PWC Advisory



‘You will struggle if you want to go the route of ecommerce without a retail space’ – Jens Herf, founder of Shopstar



‘When someone Googles you, you have to ask, “What do I want them to know about me?” And to realise that you are in charge of that information’ – Cathy O’Clery, 100% Design and Platform Creative Agency


Better Living Challenge

At the end of October 2014, the Better Living Showcase came to the forecourt of Cape Town Station, where we toured the exhibit with the mayor, Patricia de Lille. All of the finalists’ works were exemplary, with creative green solutions for how to address many problems faced in low-income communities.

‘We’re living in a world where bricks and mortar will soon become history in order to save our environment and planet, so I’m very impressed with these ideas,’ said De Lille. So were we, and here are some of our favourites.


  • Connected Home

Cityspec is a mobile app developed to help community workers, officials and civil-society organisations monitor basic service delivery in informal settlements.

  • Structural Home

Informexchange is a DIY building manual for RDP housing, while CEB Construction uses 30% rubble or waste from building sites as well as clay-based soil to form brick-like compressed earth blocks (CEBs).

  • Comfortable Home

The SolarTurtle is a battery-recharging station powered by solar energy and used to provide electricity for lights, radios, phones and TVs. Its biopanel is made from processed seaweed, which has proven to be a successful insulating material, plus kelp forests are quick at regenerating themselves.


Congratulations to the 2014 Winners

Congratulations to CEB for winning the Structural Home category, Lumkani in the Comfortable Home category, and Cityspec for winning the Intelligent Home category. Read more about it online on .


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Visit Business of Design’s website for details of the next instalment of seminars, taking place in 2015.


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