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Glass smarts

Glass smarts

Glass smarts

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Property News

With summer in full swing, the focus is on an energy efficient way of keeping cool – starting with double glazing, fast becoming the heat-management option of choice. Why? The X2 range from PG SmartGlass not only reduces the temperature indoors but also offers security, safety and sound absorption. The airtight space between the two panes of glass – and coatings on the inside and outside – allow up to 70% of natural light in while rejecting more than half the heat that would normally enter. This eliminates up to a whopping 86% of the sun’s warmth. Double glazing also comes with a 10-year glass warranty – and specialist solutions can be made up for clients needing a custom light-management solution. Most importantly, PG SmartGlass is SANS 10400 XA compliant, allowing homeowners to maximise the use of glass in their houses while adhering to construction and safety regulations. 

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