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Hot wired | Fibre to the home

Hot wired | Fibre to the home

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is slowly taking off in South Africa. The FTTH Council Africa is focused on the fibre industry and all stakeholders affected by it. According to the Pretoria-based organisation, ‘technical advances are dramatically influencing the world today. “Fibre” has become the new booming word and it-thing to have when talking about technology. Fibre allows us to turn our homes into smart-homes and furthermore, Fibre-to-the-Business increases the value of your property. Since fibre is considered an asset it also makes a business park a more desirable location.’

What are the benefits of fibre?

According to the FTTH Council Africa, ‘optical fibre has large advantages over existing copper wire.’ So what do you need to know about it as a property holder? Here’s why the FTTH Council Africa rates it:

1. Fibre is less expensive over time. With no high-voltage electrical transmitters needed, it can help save your service provider and you, money.
2. It’s greener, more durable than copper and lasts longer.
3. Fibre is thinner – more fibres can be bundled together in the same space as a copper cable.
4. It’s clearer, won’t lose the signal the way copper does and allows you to have clearer conversations. Fibre optic cables are safe from lightning strikes or electrical interference.
5. An optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper cable and takes up less space.


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