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Sectional Title: Watch Out for In-House Security

Sectional Title: Watch Out for In-House Security

While some types of crime have decreased, the number of home robberies have increased by almost 70% over the past nine years, according to the South African Police Service’s latest crime statistics. It is no wonder that residential security is a growing concern for most South Africans.

Security experts say gated estates and complexes don’t offer the whole solution. Homeowners in these developments are often complacent, relying on the trustees or estate directors, who are not necessarily experienced in this area, to take care of security.

Consequently, home robberies in secure complexes are increasing. What is more, if trustees or directors try to employ and manage their own security guards, this can be a real recipe for disaster.

Complications with Complex Security -Case Study Information

  • Unknowingly employing a security guard with a criminal record
  • Trustees did not contribute to a retirement fund for their guard
  • No workman’s compensation provision was being made for the guards

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