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Marketplace June 2016

Marketplace June 2016

Here’s what June property news, reports, and dream homes you should be aware of. We look at Pam Golidng Properties’ expanded The Private Office, the Val de Vie Polo Village offices, an update on Fibre to the Home, and Gyproc’s Activ’Air product.

At your service

Pam Golding Properties has expanded The Private Office to offer high net worth individuals (HNWIs) who are looking to expand their property portfolios access to this independent buyers’ consultancy. Headed up by industry stalwart Lanice Steward, who returns to Pam Golding Properties with more than 29 years’ experience, this new offering is aimed specifically at HNWIs who would prefer customised service when buying or selling exclusive properties.

‘Buyers are increasingly realising the importance of appointing an autonomous agency to represent their best interests when acquiring property, an agency who will provide them with relevant advice relating to market conditions, area trends, renovations, running costs, local schools, amenities and other information impacting their final property of choice,’ says Steward. ‘Importantly, we will also use our extensive network, databases and access to market and property information to source homes not currently on the market, giving our buyers an edge.’


Priced at R77 million, this ultraluxurious six-bedroom house in Fresnaye is ideally suited to the high net worth investor – available through Pam Golding Properties’ buyers’ consultancy, The Private Office


Live, work, play

Want to live in the Winelands but can’t face the commute? The solution: the new Polo Village offices at Val de Vie, to be completed in late 2017. Designed by Boogertman + Partners, they measure 3 500m2 in total – each of the eight single units can be divided into rooms measuring 20m2 to 445m2. They will feature luxurious interior fixtures and finishes, state-of-the-art technology (including the option of high-speed fibre- optic connectivity) and panoramic views of L’Huguenot Wine Farm, Simonsberg and Paarl Rock.



Hot wired

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is slowly taking off in South Africa. According to the FTTH Council Africa, ‘technical advances are dramatically influencing the world today. “Fibre” has become the new booming word and it-thing to have when talking about technology. It allows us to turn our houses into smart homes and furthermore, fibre-to-the business increases the value of your property. Since it’s considered an asset it also makes a business park a more desirable location.’

What are the benefits of fibre?

Optical fibre has large advantages over existing copper wire. So what do you need to know about it as a property holder? Here’s why the FTTH Council Africa rates it.

1. Fibre is less expensive over time. With no high-voltage electrical transmitters needed, it can help to save your service provider and you money.
2. It’s greener, more durable than copper and lasts longer.
3. It’s thinner – more fibres can be bundled together in the same space as a copper cable.
4. It won’t lose the signal the way copper does and allows you to have clearer conversations. Fibre optic cables are safe from lightning strikes or electrical interference.
5. An optical cable weighs less than a comparable copper cable and takes up less space.



A breath of fresh air

Winter provides the opportune time to stay indoors – this is Netflix in bed with a cup of tea kind of weather. The catch: having to keep the windows closed. All. The Time. It really doesn’t do much to improve the air quality, which is why we are particularly drawn to Activ’Air from Gyproc. This plasterboard uses revolutionary technology to get rid of up to 70% of the formaldehyde found in stuffy air. As you can imagine, the chemical – found in building materials and many household products – has potentially negative health effects, especially when it comes to respiratory illnesses (asthma, as an example). But once it’s absorbed by Activ’Air, it’s converted into inactive compounds and trapped in the plasterboard. It also has a life span of up to 50 years. We’ll take that, thanks.



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