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Outdoor living spaces: Take a seat

Feb 13, 2018 | Design and Decor, Featured, Luxury Trends

Comfort and convenience meet whimsy in outdoor living spaces designed to delight.

A mix of permanent and impermanent elements – tables, chairs, stools, a fireplace – makes for flexibility in outdoor living spaces..


At Singita Sweni Lodge, a combination of built-in bench seating, armchairs, stools and side tables allows for the group size to grow and for guests to move around freely. Cécile & Boyd ( was involved in the recent revamp of the lodge – note their use of jewel-toned and metallic accents, an effective way to elevate an outdoor space.


A structured corner in a crisp scheme of blue and white shows a well-considered use of colour and pattern. Designer Katharine Pooley ( created this smart seating area using the repetition of geometric motifs in the trellis, side tables and accessories.


Seats of different styles and levels make for an interesting dynamic, while cohesion is maintained thanks to the use of the same materials. This sofa and hanging seat combo from @homelivingspace ( is the epitome of beach chic.


This casual arrangement of chairs on a paved terrace may seem unplanned, but the iconic silhouettes were certainly not chosen by chance. Here, architect Brian Hess ( has fashioned a stylish arrangement of Acapulco and butterfly-style chairs to match the grandeur of the house. A portable wood-burning fireplace allows for social gatherings around a fire without having to commit to a permanent structure.


Credits: TEXT Julia Freemantle PHOTOGRAPHS Priya Schuback, Prue Roscoe, Davide Lovatti, Natalie Hunfalvay, supplied

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