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What is the right tile for your bathroom?

What is the right tile for your bathroom?

A question on tile buyers mind is often – Which tile finish is better for my bathroom? Should I go for Polished or Matte tiles? How should I choose the right flooring?

Often the choice between matte and polished tiles is simply a matter of personal taste. But with all projects involving floor tiles, you need to make an informed decision. WOMAG is the premier supplier of tiles in South Africa and they gave us some insider tips that may help you make your decision.

Matte tiles
Matte tiles are tiles without shine. They can be made from any materials including Marble, granite, Travertine and porcelain. The natural look of matte embodies an authentic, soothing atmosphere. If you want to create a calming space within your home, then matte – with its soft muted hues – is the perfect finish. For similar reasons, matte tiles are the ideal choice for those wanting to create a home with a traditional or rustic look. Customers tend to associate the non-reflective surface as non-slip. This may not necessarily be the case.


Polished tiles
Polished tiles are tiles with a shine to them. They too can be made from natural stone or porcelain. For smaller rooms, the beautiful glossy finish bounces light around, which tends to open up the space and make the space appear larger. Just as the mirror-like effect allows light to bounce back and forth, glossy tiles are also ideal for use in rooms with limited light as they can make the space appear considerably brighter. Polished tiles are easy to maintain which means that it is effortless to clean away dirt and to keep them looking their best. This is especially great for bathrooms as this is the one room that always has dirt and grime on the tiles.

So which tile is best in the bathroom?

Both finishes can be used in bathrooms. A word of warning though! Spray enough water on any surface and move at enough speed and any surface can be slippery – just think of cars skidding on wet surfaces.
A polished surface is easier to clean, especially in wet areas. However, it requires cautious and careful walking. A matte tile has a more textured surface which allows for more grip but not in very wet areas. Even though it is easy to clean, it collects a bit more grime than polished tiles.

The solution is to alter the surface of the floor. Natural stone tiles can be acid washed but that takes away the polished look, which might not be ideal if you were going for a glossy look.

WOMAG has come up with an innovative solution which increases slip resistance in wet conditions on all tile surfaces. It’s a spray that activates when the tiles are wet, offering increased grip when you need it most. With this spray you can have the choice of any look that you were going for without worrying about someone slipping.

So, it looks like technology has sorted out the problem of which tile to buy. Buy what works for you and simply apply the non-slip spray to make the tiles less slippery.   This spray is not ideal for outdoor tiles and tiles around the pool. For this purpose, there are specially made non slip tiles with rough surfaces. But more on these in the next article.

Our suggestion – Visit a WOMAG showroom and let their tile specialists help you choose the perfect tile for your home or browse our online tile portfolio here

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