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Sectional Title: Questions to Ask Before Buying

Sectional Title: Questions to Ask Before Buying

There are many benefits to buying and living in a sectional title (ST) home in a secure complex, but there are also several important questions that must be answered before you do, according to Mandi Hanekom, operations manager for St finance company Propell.

Some of the questions that need to be asked range from what is included in the property to are there enough visitor bays for your unit. Way too often, buyers overlook these finer details and once settled, they realize the sectional title does not offer them precisely what they were looking for. ST schemes usually offer a very good lifestyle,” says Hanekom, “in that they are often more secure and there are various amenities such as gyms and swimming pools that would cost a lot to run on one’s own. The only compromise is that the owners live by rules – which is not a hardship to many.

To read more on other important questions to ask, catch the full article on PropertyJunction here.

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