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The eco-friendly future of self-storage

The eco-friendly future of self-storage

While the world encourages out-the-box thinking, GreenCube’s innovative self-storage facility proves that ‘inside’ isn’t counter-creative after all.

Eco-friendly self-storage

An African first, GreenCube is an eco-friendly, self-storage facility in Ottery, Cape Town that uses Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), a building material that allows for environment-conscious infrastructures. Buildings made with this material are more energy efficient in that they regulate temperature naturally.


GreenCube Self Storage is set to paint the Cape green with its innovative approach to storage and the environment.

But storage facilities are convenient places to help clear the clutter, or keep your stuff in when between homes. So why all the green technology? Straight forward storage is ok if the safety of your goods isn’t paramount to your list of requirements. Goods of value, of course, require extra care.

This green, insulated building technique offers an added benefit that sets GreenCube’s self-storage facility apart from the rest. They’ve ruled out the possibility of extreme temperature variations that could damage sensitive goods like antique wooden furniture, rare artworks, a classic car collection and so on.

Green storage meets green initiatives

And GreenCube doesn’t just want to be your run of the mill green – they want to be the deepest hue possible on the eco-colour spectrum. That’s why the self-storage service has also partnered with tree-planting social enterprise Greenpop, an organisation that brings together communities and corporates to run urban greening and reforestation projects in South Africa and Zambia. To date Greenpop has planted over 40 000 trees. GreenCube will be assisting with their ongoing storage needs.

In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, GreenCube hopes to do the same in terms of hunger in disadvantaged local communities. The company has joined forces with green social initiative Abalimi-Harvest of Hope, an organisation dedicated to urban agriculture and environmental support in townships. Abalimi aims to empower individuals, groups and communities with the skills necessary to initiate and maintain organic food growing for personal consumption as well as income generation.


GreenCube customers can feel good knowing that they, too, are giving back to the community.

‘GreenCube aims to promote a variety of community projects, and in doing so hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of both our customers and those less fortunate,’ says Steve Ruffel of the GreenCube Group. ‘We are thrilled to be involved with organisations like Abalimi-Harvest of Hope and Greenpop which do so much good for our communities and the environment and look forward to strengthening these relationships.’

For each storage unit that is leased, GreenCube has pledged to purchase a vegetable plant from Abalimi. Each plant will be given to the customer leasing the unit. It’s even more reassuring that GreenCube are paving the green way forward, on more than one level.

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