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Warm welcome at Stand 47

Warm welcome at Stand 47
Stand 47 is the ultimate in smart design – as we discovered by doing their winter test.

Environmentally friendly is usually associated with practicality rather than elegance. Yet Monaghan Farm’s Stand 47 defies all the ideas we have about sustainability with a chic, welcoming home that’s easy on the eye and easy to live in. Through the use of forward-thinking architecture and high-performance (but unobtrusive) Saint-Gobain products, a space has been created that ticks the safety, sensory and style boxes.

The senses

Throughout the house, passive heating and cooling features make the temperature inside a pleasant temperate atmosphere all year round. Through the inclusion of clever architecture (high windows, through drafts, orientation to the sun) and the implementation of plasterboard (an inner layer of gypsum sandwiched between two layers of lining paper) to improve insulation, the house is pleasantly warm even on the coldest Highveld night, which in turn cuts down the need for excessive electricity use (a cost-saving benefit,too). RhinoBoard SoundBloc provides an increased level of peace and quiet – essential for quality of sleep and study. Used in the bedroom and workroom at Stand 47, it creates cocoons of calm within the house.

Your safety

The Gyproc FireStop wall and ceiling system in the passages and lounge provides a fire rating of up to 120 minutes, which prevents rapid spread and lowers the temperature of the blaze, reducing risk in the event of a fire. On a more ongoing level, air quality can have health repercussions. To offset this, Gyproc Activ’Air neutralises poor air quality by converting 70% of formaldehyde into safe, inert compounds that are absorbed into the boards (and cannot be release back into the air).

Seamless style

Just because you’re sustainably responsible doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice aesthetics. Products such as Gyproc Habito mean that you don’t have to. Even as a drywall, the strength of Habito means you can hang as much as 15kg on a wall – demonstrated beautifully at Stand 47, where artworks increase the ambience throughout.

But these benefits extend further than just to those living in the house – homes built using drywall systems have a lighter footprint (they use less water to construct and cause less wastage of materials) and are better for the environment as well as for their inhabitants.

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