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May 19, 2017 | Design and Decor, Featured

Bottoms up

First Diamonds longstanding reputation in the diamond business hasn’t stopped them from innovating and 2016 saw the company launch the Diamant Classique – a bottle of Methode Cap Classique that contains ¼-carat diamond encased in a striking blown-glass capsule designed to be worn as a pendant. Half-carat (two stones) and one-carat (four stones) options are also available, as well as more bespoke creations. The studio is open by appointment only, where the process of choosing, or designing your creation will be as luxurious as the stones you’re there to select.

Cool summer

Fabric house Thibaut’s new Summer House collection will make you forget it’s still a few months away. Start planning sun-ready spaces with these refreshing and fun coordinating fabric and wallpaper designs that embrace the best of floral, tropical and marine motifs in vibrant colours. Available from St Leger & Viney.

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