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Word on the street | Food for September 2016

Word on the street | Food for September 2016
Coco Safar has officially opened in Cape Town before anywhere else in the world. We also say hello to David Higgs’ new live-fire restaurant, Marble.

Caffeine kick

Just when we thought coffee culture might have reached a pinnacle here, along came dynamic duo Wilhelm Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois. For the past three years, the pair has been secretly working behind the scenes in Woodstock to launch an international luxury patisserie and cafe. Conceived in New York, designed in Toronto and opening in Cape Town (yes, we are first, before NYC, London, Tokyo and others opening globally), Coco Safar is about to raise the bar with Third Wave coffee and cold brew in a glamorous setting. The question is ‘why Cavendish Square?’ but with its beautifully crafted cafe interior, espresso bar and capsule emporium (wait until you see the packaging), mouth-watering patisserie and extraordinary attention to service and detail, you’ll become a regular. Do yourself a favour and try the cold brew with burnt orange – there’s no turning back.



On fire

After months of intrigue and anticipation, David Higgs’ live-fire restaurant, Marble, situated in Rosebank, is finally open. The spectacular rooftop site looking north over Johannesburg’s treetops sets the perfect dramatic note for the moody, edgy and glamorous space. For this latest venture, Higgs is focusing on elevating flame cooking to an art form, a nod to the age-old primal way of cooking as well as celebrating South Africa’s love for all things grilled. As part of the new Keyes Art Mile, the restaurant is the crowning glory of the Trumpet building, a cultural and lifestyle destination set to make the suburb a major draw for art and food lovers.


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Text Julia Freemantle and Michelle Snaddon
Photographs Elsa Young, Alain Proust, Henrique Wilding, Julia Freemantle and supplied

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