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Word on the street | Full marks for 100% Design

Word on the street | Full marks for 100% Design
This year’s 100% Design South Africa took it up a level, with beautiful, relevant product design and world-class stands. A show with this much depth is hard to sum up so succinctly, so we’ll just show you a small sample of some of our favourite moments.

Tonic Design’s stand for 100% Hotel was a symphony of nude shades and luxurious materials, combining contemporary lines with rustic accessories in one of the most elegant and timeless spaces we’ve seen in years.


Rialheim – formerly Ceramic Factory – celebrated their rebranding with a range of exciting new designs with a more sophisticated slant – cool shapes, textures and products (they’re now doing lights) while retaining their quirky identity.


MONN wowed the crowd with incredible technical prowess: its malachite rug designed in collaboration with Platform Creative Agency is made up of no fewer than 14 different colour threads, giving it lustrous depth and movement.


Iloni’s Madri van Zyl combined contemporary materials such as rubber with the high-end feel of metallic accents for really fresh jewellery designs.


Another great combination was Joe Paine and Lemon Décor, who teamed up for a jungly office space using Joe Paine planters and Lemon Décor leafy wallpaper and living walls, proving you can make even a functional interior space fun and fresh.


Also taking inspiration from nature was Evolution Product, with ethereal tactile textiles in moody indigo blue. The fact that they won an award definitely signals a swing toward the celebration of all things earthy.


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Text Julia Freemantle and Michelle Snaddon
Photographs Elsa Young, Alain Proust, Henrique Wilding, Julia Freemantle and supplied

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